Invited Designer Showcase

presented by Durban Fashion Fair

This is by far the most glamorous element of the Hollywoodbets Durban July Fashion Experience. Each of the nationally relevant designers is selected because of their position in the market, their experience, their relevance on the fashion landscape and their current media profile.

Celebrated designers such as Terrence Bray, David Tlale, Kathrin Kidger, Kluk CGDT, Zama Mathe, Ruff Tung, Colleen Eitzen, Paledi Segapo, Karen Monk Klijnstra, Sibu Msimang, Duke, Hanrie Lues and many others have participated in this event.

Each designer presents a distinct and individual interpretation of the theme and is required to design a small collection that consists of a showstopper for an individual and a raceday ensemble for a couple.  As always, the media focus is on this group and they set the trend and standard of each year’s fashion experience.

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